World Finals, it is time!

Many thanks goes out to all our sponsors that have helped along the way as well as the individual brewers that have donated to make this year’s Challenge a success. As we have moved through this year’s SJPORR Challenge we have been able to overcome some huge obstacles.

We have been able to raise funds to offset the shipping costs throughout each country but we have not been able to cover them all. So unfortunately the beers from Australia will not be able to continue through to the world stage of the competition.

I still look at this as a huge success that they have been able to complete their part of the 2014 SJPORR Challenge. James Rimmer, Cam Stansell, and Chris Healy represent Australia well and should be exceptionally proud of the beers they put through into the Challenge. We are honored to have them as the top 3 Homebrewers from Australia for the 2014 SJPORR Challenge and they will hold those titles proudly.

Many thanks goes out to all in Australia for participating in this year’s Challenge.


Beers Rated 180/180

After having over 2458 beers rated we now have the top 15 brewers out of 180, from 14 countries, who have made it into the World Finals.

Watch this space below to see the winners lineup once all the international beers have been rated.

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What is the SJPORR Challenge

A few years back several home brewers on YouTube started the SJPORR Experiment. These educational experiments set guidelines for each brewer involved: to use the exact same recipe with the only alteration being the type of hops used in the first experiment and yeast in the second experiment. With each experiment the interest and participation grew.

Last year each brewer was given a base recipe with a cap on IBU’s and an overall grain bill of 18 pounds. The interest went world wide with 16 brewers across the United States, 12 brewers from New Zealand, and 8 brewers from the United Kingdom.

Without realizing it, we actually had the very first worldwide Homebrewing Challenge. This year the Challenge intentionally goes world wide bringing in all styles of brewing; whether it be Extract, Brew in a Bag, or All Grain, all styles of homebrewing go head to head.

This year’s Challenge calls on the brewer to produce his or her best beer, or as we have coined it, “A beer that can stand the test of time.” There are no boundaries for this challenge. There is no set IBU, ABV, or grain bill. The only guideline is that the brewer brew their best beer, their “X-Factor” beer, a beer that they would be proud to share around the globe.

This year, each country will judge the beers on appearance, aroma, taste, palate and x-factor. Everyone involved will get to taste and rate the beers in their country, to determine the top 3. These top 3 beers will then be swapped with every other participating country, and the brewers of these top beers will taste and rate each of the top beers from the other countries to determine the overall world wide winner.

Do I need to select a BJCP Style

This challenge is open, the gloves are off you do not have to brew to any particular style. Some of the great beers we enjoy today fall outside of a defined style, so lets not limit our creativity. However if you wish to brew to a BJCP style you can do so, and the style you select will be displayed when people are scoring your beer. You can also change your selected BJCP Style at any time before sending your beer, simply login with your email and registration number and you have access to edit those details.

What does it cost

The shipping of beers to and from brewers within a country, and the final international shipping to each country are the main costs involved. These costs are dependant on numbers, and sponsorship in each country is needed to cover these cost. Throughout the challenge we will keep you informed of how we are going.

There may be a minimal cost to brewers, where sponsorship does not cover all of the national and international shipping. Where possible these costs will be kept to a minimum, and you will be advised of any costs as soon as the end date for sponsorship has been reached, and registrations have been confirmed.

Registrations have closed

Thankyou to everyone that has registered for this inaugural global event, we have 180 brewers involved in the Challenge. The rating system to determine the top beers will be released very soon, in the meantime.....
It is time, IT IS TIME!, to brew your best beer.

How does it work

The Challenge is a world wide beer swap, simply brew your best beer and swap it with other participating brewers in our country. Each brewer rates each others beer to determine an overall country winner. Once all of the ratings are in, the top 3 beers are swapped with the top 3 beers from each other participating country, to determine the world wide winner.

How many bottles do I need

Depending on your Hub allocation, that will determine the number of bottles needed nationally, i.e. if there are 16 other brewers in your hub you will need 16 bottles to swap with the brewers. For the international side of the challenge if you make the top 3 nationally, you will need to provide 3 bottles, 1 for each other top brewer in each other country. So if we have 5 other countries, that will be 15 bottles.

2014 World Final Placings

  1. 41.78 - NA072US, Nate Pekoc
  2. 41.07 - GR032NZ, Grant R Baker
  3. 40.29 - DA044NZ, Dan Filihiahekava
  4. 40.04 - TO007NO, Tony Yates
  5. 38.90 - RI076US, Rick Maggine
  6. 38.86 - BR063US, Brad Alford
  7. 38.71 - NA038NZ, Nathan Mckenzie
  8. 38.50 - LE174CA, Lee Hillman
  9. 36.98 - LE132UK, Lee Immins
  10. 36.37 - DA154GB, Daniel Noyce
  11. 36.31 - TO068GB, Tom Watson
  12. 36.20 - MI079CA, Mike Mcnabb
  13. 36.06 - BR026FR, Brian Mujati
  14. 34.62 - DA183NO, Daniel Smith
  15. 29.74 - RO175CA, Robert Black

2014 Hub Placings

The numbers are coming in, we have some semi final placings for the US that are finalised

The following hubs have completed rating beers and ratings have been finalised, each brewers score has been averaged and displayed in the order of highest to lowest, scores have been rounded to the nearest 1 decimal place for display purposes only.


  1. 39.00 - JA042AU, James Rimmer
  2. 37.60 - CA206AU, Cam Stansell
  3. 37.00 - CH203AU, Chris Healy
  4. 36.90 - GA127AU, Gavin 'gash Slugg' Ellicott
  5. 34.25 - PI114AU, Pete Marchant
  6. 32.00 - AA173AU, Aaron Shearer
  7. 31.10 - DA196AU, Daniel Craze
  8. 29.50 - RA205AU, Rahne Maxwell


  1. 38.78 - RO175CA, Robert Black
  2. 37.31 - LE174CA, Lee Hillman
  3. 36.64 - BR181CA, Brandon Ricker
  4. 35.88 - MI079CA, Mike Mcnabb
  5. 35.69 - SA004CA, Sam Larkman
  6. 35.41 - JA010CA, Jason Toews
  7. 35.38 - NA177CA, Nathaniel Heppell
  8. 35.36 - NE172CA, Neal Howell
  9. 35.06 - CR095CA, Craig Farraway
  10. 33.18 - DO185CA, Doug Glover
  11. 31.53 - RO136CA, Rob Shillinglaw


  1. 38.75 - TO007NO, Tony Yates
  2. 36.88 - BR026FR, Brian Mujati
  3. 35.33 - DA183NO, Daniel Smith
  4. 35.08 - DO021ES, Dominic Fernandez
  5. 34.83 - TA113IT, Tassoni Alessandro
  6. 34.75 - FR070SE, Fredric Johansson
  7. 31.17 - KE116FR, Kenneth Floen
  8. 31.00 - HE029DE, Henning Freese
  9. 29.50 - GE186NO, Geir Mathello De Lange

New Zealand

  1. 38.06 - DA044NZ, Dan Filihiahekava
  2. 37.08 - NA038NZ, Nathan Mckenzie
  3. 36.76 - GR032NZ, Grant R Baker
  4. 36.00 - PA100NZ, Paul Finney
  5. 35.31 - PA911NZ, Paul Wicksteed
  6. 34.97 - SA198NZ, Sam Ryan
  7. 34.86 - ST083NZ, Steven Bellward
  8. 34.64 - AD093NZ, Adrian Woodhouse
  9. 34.55 - SC167NZ, Scott Bennison
  10. 34.31 - RO028NZ, Robert Hough
  11. 34.00 - KE057NZ, Kerry Gray
  12. 33.94 - DA097NZ, Damon Taylor
  13. 33.88 - OL159NZ, Oliver Drake
  14. 33.83 - EU199NZ, Eugene Black
  15. 33.73 - DA189NZ, Darryn Oakly
  16. 33.72 - IA110NZ, Ian Watson
  17. 33.42 - VE158NZ, Veronica Hale
  18. 32.92 - MI190NZ, Mike Allan
  19. 32.25 - ZI163NZ, Zimba Mckenna
  20. 31.47 - AL041NZ, Allan Sheblom
  21. 31.11 - ZA031NZ, Zane Lawrence Maxwell
  22. 31.07 - JO142NZ, Jonathan Saunders & Shayne Forrest
  23. 30.75 - CA187NZ, Cam Ellis
  24. 30.36 - TY056NZ, Tyron Johnson
  25. 29.59 - MA040NZ, Matt Downer
  26. 29.22 - BR096NZ, Brayden Rawlinson
  27. 28.82 - BR176NZ, Brent Sarten
  28. 28.11 - JA208NZ, Jason Franssen
  29. 27.81 - KA107NZ, Karl Hayes
  30. 27.31 - MA197NZ, Matthew Mckay
  31. 27.01 - DE084NZ, Dean Coleborn
  32. 25.72 - PA126NZ, Paul Low
  33. 25.28 - SP191NZ, Springer Browne

United Kingdom

  1. 37.43 - TO068GB, Tom Watson
  2. 36.89 - LE132UK, Lee Immins
  3. 36.85 - DA154GB, Daniel Noyce
  4. 36.45 - JO140GB, Jonathan Ellis
  5. 36.28 - CH006GB, Christopher Harrison-hawkes
  6. 35.08 - AD099GB, Adam Wimbledon
  7. 34.50 - PA143GB, Paul Rowlett
  8. 33.67 - RI179GB, Rigas Malamoutsis
  9. 33.43 - IA188GB, Ian Hunter
  10. 33.38 - DE073GB, Denis Hanna
  11. 32.83 - RI020GB, Richard Spate
  12. 32.70 - BR103GB, Brian Sherriff
  13. 32.58 - NE200GB, Neil Cranston
  14. 31.20 - AN182GB, Anthony Howard
  15. 31.08 - JA064GB, James Stephens
  16. 29.60 - PA112GB, Paul Taylor-burrell
  17. 29.09 - AD075GB, Adam Buck
  18. 28.70 - GA150GB, Gary Fry
  19. 27.62 - CA169GB, Carl Selby
  20. 27.25 - SH120IE, Shane Vickers
  21. 26.40 - GR144GB, Greig Thomson
  22. 26.23 - CL015GB, Clive Sillis
  23. 21.13 - BE147GB, Ben Martin

US East Coast

  1. 39.06 - BA035US, Barry Wasser
  2. 39.00 - JO058US, Joseph Ryan Belcher
  3. 37.87 - CH091US, Chef And Gadget
  4. 37.56 - ST005US, Stephen J Porr
  5. 35.75 - PA082US, Paul Remaley
  6. 35.00 - SU105US, Sue Bumbaugh
  7. 34.43 - GA049US, Gary Fortin
  8. 31.31 - DA085US, Dan Desilets
  9. 29.00 - ST160US, Stephen J. Goldberger

US Mid West

  1. 41.58 - NA072US, Nate Pekoc
  2. 39.79 - TY024US, Tyler Everson
  3. =39.29 - RI086US, Rich Norton
    & BR161US, Bradley Pekoc
  4. 39.02 - MA019US, Mark Gryc
  5. 38.81 - DO046US, Doulas Runde
  6. 38.77 - MA162US, Matthew Gapinski
  7. 38.65 - KY062US, Kyle Orstead
  8. 38.38 - BR039US, Brad Watson
  9. 38.29 - CL013US, Clint Harris
  10. 36.58 - DO094US, Don Howell
  11. 36.21 - TR166US, Troy Levalley
  12. 34.71 - TI121US, Tim Osborne
  13. 34.54 - JA014US, James Longo
  14. 25.08 - BO151US, Bobbi Meyer

US Southern

  1. 35.90 - LA060US, Larry Lentz
  2. 34.90 - BR063US, Brad Alford
  3. 34.30 - LE025US, Lee Smith
  4. 33.75 - JA101US, Jamie Thacker
  5. 32.25 - MA125US, Matt Moore
  6. 31.50 - WI077US, William Hunt
  7. 29.60 - CH145US, Chris Gibbons
  8. =29.10 - RI081US, Richard Bish
    & JA055US, Jason Davies
  9. 28.90 - PA034US, Paul A Hartless Jr
  10. 28.60 - AN066US, Andrew Roberts
  11. 27.80 - KE157US, Ken Jordan
  12. 26.40 - MA080US, Matthew Morris

US West Coast

  1. 37.09 - RI076US, Rick Maggine
  2. 36.82 - JO207US, Josh Hoover
  3. 36.55 - JE053US, Jesse Hepburn
  4. 36.18 - MI036US, Michael Saraceno
  5. 35.64 - BE087US, Ben Stadther
  6. 35.09 - TR017US, Travis Trembly
  7. 34.82 - CH138US, Christian Clements
  8. 33.64 - KE003US, Kevin Clements
  9. 31.18 - W.074US, W. J. Miles
  10. 31.09 - DI137US, Dioni De Morena Morales
  11. 30.82 - KI027US, Kirk Sexton
  12. 29.64 - VI052US, Vincent Martinez
  13. 29.36 - ST011US, Steve Mertz

US Finals

  1. 39.23 - NA072US, Nate Pekoc
  2. =38.13 - RI076US, Rick Maggine
    & BR063US, Brad Alford
  3. 38.11 - TY024US, Tyler Everson
  4. 37.94 - JE053US, Jesse Hepburn
  5. 37.41 - BR161US, Bradley Pekoc
  6. =36.96 - LE025US, Lee Smith
    & BA035US, Barry Wasser
  7. 36.34 - JO058US, Joseph Ryan Belcher
  8. 36.13 - LA060US, Larry Lentz
  9. 35.74 - RI086US, Rich Norton
  10. 34.72 - CH091US, Chef And Gadget
  11. 34.38 - JO207US, Josh Hoover

As each hub ratings are finalised they will be automatically be displayed, so keep a look out.

Forfeited brewers

It is unfortunate that we have brewers that have had to forfeit moving forward due to reasons outside of their control.

  • 41.4 - BR141US, Brandon M. Finch, West Coast

Rate My Beers

It is time....IT IS TIME! to start rating beers, here is a quick walk through of the rating system for the challenge.

As each hub receives beers, you will be able to see the number of beers that have finalised ratings out of the total number of tastings that are required. Remember you cant vote for your own beer so that number has been removed from tastings required. Finalised ratings are ratings that have been in place for 24 hours.

The number of beers that will be consumed to determine the top 3 brewers in the world is 2458 beers!

Instead of a semi final, New Zealand is doing a random beer swap, so each brewer will swap 20 beers.

How to package your beer

The following video is a great tutorial on how to package your beer for shipping. Kevin has shipped many beers around the world and knows all the tricks and tips to make sure you beers arrive safety at their required destination.

When do I need to send my beers

The following timeframes have been set to coincide with seasons, so that beer shipments are not effected by severe temperature fluctuations. Where possible such as the case in New Zealand, the beer swap has bee co-ordinated at the Beervana festival.

Country Registration closes Shipping to hub Beers received Voting closes
United States Semi finals April 16 May 26 - June 9 June 16 July 14
Europe May 11 June 16 - June 30 July 28 August 28
Australia May 16 July 7 - July 21 July 28 August 25
Canada May 16 July 28 - August 11 August 18 September 15
United Kingdom May 16 August 4 - August 15 August 22 September 19
United States Finals - July 15 - July 29 August 5 September 2
New Zealand May 16 August 22 August 31 September 24

International October 13 - November 3 November 4 December 29

Each country has a 7 week window (2 weeks for brewer to ship to hub, 1 week for hub to ship to brewers and 4 weeks to score each beer. These dates re subject to change, and are dependant on the final registration numbers and countries involved.

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Nate Pekoc underthetablebrewingChris Gibbons Rivermonkeybrewing
Kirk Sexton Kirk SextonSue Bumbaugh Brewheart65
Paul Remaley PABREWNEWSJamie Thacker Jamie Thacker
Brad Watson newrockdogRich Norton Fairlanes4ever
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Brandon M. Finch Bfinch9302Rick Maggine Big Twin Brewing
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William Hunt FirebrewTVMark Gryc Intermezzo1257
Matt Moore Bearded BrewerTim Osborne CBrowns7
Richard Bish homebrew62Chef And Gadget rster536821

Country Hubs

The following hubs are setup, however additional country hubs may be created based on the registration numbers.

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2013 top 3 Winners

2013 placings were only voted on per country, no international votes were cast for the overall winner. This year will be the first year, that the challenge truly goes global, with international beer swaps for all the top 3 brewers in each country.

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