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The 2015 Sjporr Challenge: “Brew Local, for the World”

The brewing guidelines for the Sjporr Challenge are different every year. Changing the guidelines promotes creativity and enhances the brewing experience, which results in world class beers.

This year’s theme is “Brew Local, for the World.” Civilizations were formed around water and grain to produce local beer and bread. Local taverns produced beers with unique tastes based upon local water, grains, ingredients and brewing styles. This year’s challenge is to show case a local ingredient or ingredients in any style beer you choose to brew.

Think creatively! Local spring water, local hops, and local crops of grains, fruits, vegetables, nuts, honey, syrup, sprigs from trees, etc. If you need help coming up with ideas, do a quick search on the internet. You are sure to find local beer styles, produce, historical food styles and more. Commercial brewers from ancient times and modern times produce beers that reflect their region. We have even seen beers made with locally produced granola. So start planning now, selecting local ingredients and perhaps a style that you want to bring to the world stage that will showcase your local community or region of the world.

International Hubs

In the interest of being inclusive, the larger hosting nations have invited countries with too few participants* to join their national competitions. The decision to form multi-nation Hubs ensures that all participants have the opportunity to advance to the international level. Three International Hubs have been formed:

  • US – CA Hub:  United States hosting with Canadian participants  (36 US ; 1 CA)
  • UK – EU Hub: United Kingdom hosting with EU participants (14 UK; 1 SP ; 1 FR)
  • NZ – AU Hub: New Zealand hosting with Australian participants (10 NZ ; 3 AU)
    * A minimum of 9 participants are required to form an international hub

Important Dates

Country - NationalsReceived by Hub*Received by ParticipantsVoting closes
US-CA Semi FinalsSept. 7 - 11Sept. 18October 18
UK-EU and NZ-AU FinalsSept. 7 - 11Sept. 25October 30
U.S. FinalsOctober 26 - 30Novermber 6November 29
World Finals
All CountriesJanuary 18 - 22February 26March 27, 2016

* Ship your beers so that they arrive at your designated Hub within the date range posted.

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